Clothing personalized with Embroidery or Print

Clothing for sports, free time or work. From a simple t-shirt to a polo, from a sweatshirt to pants, from a hat to a smock, all customizable both with screen printing (in bulk) or welding (also for single pieces). 

Don’t forget the embroidery to render your article of clothing even more elegant. 

Finally, we offer a service with thermal press transfer, for numbering and names for athletic uniforms, directly with a font of your choosing…

Indoor and outdoor signs

Standard-sized tags or as requested by the client, for offices or associative locations, realized in brass, aluminum, Plexiglas, PVC, etc. Indoor and outdoor signs with aluminum outlines, wall signs, flag signs, ceiling signs, stands, various displays, etc. Furthermore, fixing systems such as spacers, steel wires, etc.

Adhesive letters – Banners and Digital Prints

Creation of medium or large signs or tables through the application of adhesive letters (pre-spaced), or through the application of such directly on vehicles, windows, etc. Option to digitally print small or large adhesives with four-color logos or images. 

Digital printing directly onto one-sided or two-sided banners. 

All guaranteed to be suited for external use and exposure to the sun.

Cards – Flyers – Posters

Digital printing on paper products, from simple business cards, flyers and posters of various formats, to the panphlet, brochure or poster (also in larger formats), all beginning with the graphic development of one of your ideas!!!

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